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Feeling dizzy?


Vertigo is a false sensation that you are moving, when you’re actually not.

People may feel like they’re

  • Spinning
  • Swaying
  • Tilting
  • Or being pulled over.

Other feelings of being off balance may be ‘dizzy’, ’drunk’, ‘disorientated’, ‘woozy’ or ‘feeling faint’.

You may also have headaches, nausea/vomiting, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or hearing loss.


Vertigo may hit very suddenly (and hopefully recover quickly!) or it may be less sudden, but the symptoms go on for a long time.

Either way, vertigo and imbalance are rather distressing for most people and you should consult a professional as soon as possible to see what could be causing it.

To stay balanced, our brains coordinate a number of sensations from

  • The balance organs
  • The eyes
  • The cerebellum
  • The skin
  • And how the muscles throughout the body are working in space.

This is a lot of information to coordinate!

When something goes wrong, we have to check all these systems.

Part of these checks will be a hearing test and a balance test…


This is because the balance organs (semi-circular canals and other structures) are housed right alongside the hearing organs inside the skull.

Despite being ‘neighbours’, the balance organs actually have a closer relationship with the eyes – allowing us to move our heads, but keep our eyes focussed on one point.

Listenhear Audiology & Balance

has balance testing equipment which we use in conjunction with a physical assessment in the rooms, to help the doctors isolate the area in the body causing the dizziness. When we know where to find the problem, the doctors have a better chance of fixing it!Part of the assessment uses a method called Videonystamography:


We record a person’s eye movements, and deduce how the balance organs are telling the eyes to behave. If the balance organs are faulty or the brain is sending a faulty message, we can pick up abnormal eye movements as a result.

Dizzy patients might be referred by an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, Physician, Neurologist or G.P. But you can also come and see us directly. We can advise you on whom to see after the test results are in, or we can help you with vestibular rehabilitation to retrain your balance system to work more efficiently.

Phone us on 011 758-6550, or contact us if you’d like more information on balance testing and dizziness.