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Hearing Aid Technology and Accessories

Hearing aids vary immensely in design and technology, and it is often difficult to know which product to choose. In order to help you with this choice we assess your needs as a whole. Our recommendations are determined by considering:

  • The type and degree of hearing loss
  • Your age
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your physical skills and dexterity
  • And, most importantly, the daily demands on your listening

Ensuring the Perfect Fit… Hearing Instrument Trials:

Hearing aid use is a very personal process and no one hearing aid provides the same solution for every hearing aid user. This is why we believe that having a variety of products to offer you is essential. “Test-driving” the technology in a ‘no obligations’ trial period allows you to feel confident that you’re making the right choice from an informed standpoint.

We will guide you and help you through the entire process –

  • Advising you on suitable technology
  • Fitting and fine tuning the technology
  • Helping you adjust to the digitally enhanced sound richness you will experience
  • Helping you to optimize your listening ability in different situations.


It Takes Two To Tango…

Hearing aid Technology and Accessories


We recommend including the important people in your life in this process – communication always involves more than one person and there is a shared responsibility in getting it right!

Technology and Pricing…
Hearing aids are available in different discreet styles:

  • Custom made (in the ear)
  • Open-fit
  • Behind-the ear

With ever-evolving technology, most styles are suitable for even significant changes in hearing.


The level of technology inside the aid determines the price.

Technology should be chosen to match lifestyle and communication demands. Advanced technology allows you to participate in conversation more easily, as it reads and adjusts to your environment more accurately.

Whatever your hearing aid budget, we will try to find the best option possible for your needs.

As hearing aid technology advances in this digital, wireless age, so do cell phones, laptops and our ability to communicate with the rest of the world. Who knew ten years ago that you wouldn’t have to pick up a phone to talk to family overseas today – you can do it on Skype or through a blue tooth connection to your cell phone! Hearing aid technology has kept up with all these other technological advances, and now allows us to use remote controls to connect to cell phones, iPods, TV’s and Hifi’s wirelessly via our hearing aids.


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