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Audiologists Services

In addition to diagnostic hearing evaluationsvestibular/balance testinghearing aid fittings and rehabilitation, ListenHear Audiology and Balance offers a number of additional audiology-related services, namely:

Did you know that excessive exposure to high noise levels can result in hearing loss? People at risk include:

  • Mine workers
  • Workers whose workplaces are near heavy machinery
  • Military service personnel
  • Musicians and DJ’s
  • Recreational shooters/ hunters
  • Recreational motorcyclists

If you fall into any of the above categories, you should consider using custom made noise protectors. They are made to the exact shape of your ear so that they fit comfortably and are designed to dampen the dangerous sound, but allow speech sounds through.

Swim Plugs can also be custom made to fit the exact shape of the swimmers ears. These are often recommended for children with grommets or holes in the eardrums, or people who suffer from recurrent middle ear infections.